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C & K Landscape Design

This garden was featured on the HGTV program "Designing for the Sexes". The project was selected by HGTV because of the dramatic way in which the clients lost their landscape. They found out that they had a serious fungus problem infesting there home. All of the irrigation had to be shut off without delay. As a result, the entire landscape, which the homeowners had installed themselves, died. As their back yard quickly became a desert, the homeowners sadly watched the product of their efforts wither away.

HGTV found out about their loss and my clients agreed to have their project installed as part of the show. This is a beautiful home nestled in the foothills, surrounded by views of mountains. We were able to design and install for them a landscape that improved upon the one they lost. We provided them with a wonderful new patio, vegetable and herb gardens, a lovely water feature, perennial and wildflower plantings, sitting areas to maximize their views and play areas for their daughter.

The clients were delighted with the results. It was hard for them to stand back and leave the work to us because they were so used to doing it all themselves. They were thrilled with the finished product. They had not realized the quality and extra dimensions a professional landscape company could provide.

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